Friday, September 17, 2010

Toronto Craigslist Scavenger

******READER'S CHOICE!****** 

Lisa wrote: 

Hi Shannon! 
OMG this antique baker's table would make the most amazing kitchen island. I want it so very badly, but I live in a tiny apartment with an even tinier kitchen and have no place to put it :( You need to feature it in your Toronto Craigslist Scavenger post, because it's fabulous and someone equally as fabulous should have it! 

Thanks Lisa! I have to agree that it would look pretty amazing as a kitchen island...imagine getting a marble slab for it?!



  1. As soon as I saw it I imagined a marble slab on it! The description says it has a removable enamel top with wood underneath. I wants it, I do!

  2. awesome find!
    thank you for your comment Shannon...and yes, of course I keep that rosette top out in front because it just makes me happy!
    i hope you are having a great weekend...