Thursday, December 22, 2011

What didn't get done around here

I have been living in these jeans - the only pair that fits me at the moment.  They are slouchy because I haven't washed them in a while - except I like to think that its because I am slimming down!
Leggins would probably work well with this sweater (from modcloth) and top (from madewell)...I haven't quite figured out how to put an outfit together.

Also note the uncombed hair and big bangs.  Yah I cut those bangs this week.  I wanted them full, so I pulled more hair forward from the top of my head and I have no regrets! The best.bangs.ever!  

So here are some of the things that didn't get done this week:
- I finally gave the baby a bath tonight - that's one bath - all week
- takeout thai food tonight for dinner - in my defense, I didn't have time to coordinate dinner - because I ate a stale gumdrop and my (gold) filling popped out around 4:30 today.  That's not supposed to happen!  My dentist was able to take me if I got there within 30 mins (Otherwise they were closed until Wednesday).  I packed the boys up and we took the bus and subway there.    I have to go back to the dentist in January to get my cavity re-drilled and replaced.
-postpartum exercises - I did them excuses. Maybe I will do some tonight. I am definitely in denial.  I want my midsection to return to 'normal' without putting in any effort. 
- Christmas cards to neighbours - tomorrow I will do this - I promise!


  1. April @ Money Pit LoveDecember 22, 2011 at 10:52 PM

    Your bangs look adorable! Exercises can always wait, your neighbors will love you even without receiving cards, Thai food is perfect for dinner and babies don't need baths: I've never heard of one dying of dirt :) Your hair looks great ... YOU look great! (at least, everything I can see around the camera) And I love the jeans. So there. My seven cents ... :)

  2. thx!
    i have the biggest smile after reading your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Post partum exercises I've done: um ZERO. I'm also hoping my mid section will magically return to its former self... This transition period of no clothes kinda sucks.

    The good news is your living room in the background of your photo looks gorgeous and CLEAN! Enjoy your time with your little guys, you look great and the to do list can wait! Happy almost Christmas!!

  4. sounds like progress to me....have a wonderful weekend doing more of nothing this weekend! happy holidays!