Friday, March 30, 2012

New Top!

$6.95 from H&M (size M)

I wore my new top for the mommies this morning (mommy group met today for the first time! so fun!) and at Pacific Mall* this afternoon...I love chunky stripes...Especially when they cost less than $10!!!
This is the last 'what I wore' post for a little while**...well, that is, unless I go shopping!

*"The Largest Indoor Chinese Mall in North America"
**Think of them as extras


  1. That's a coincidence; I'm planning on going to the Pacific Mall for the first time tomorrow.

  2. Have fun!
    There is a noodle place upstairs that makes the noodles from scratch - them give them a crazy beat down while you watch...

    its upstairs, at the back end of the food court...the last stall on the right side ....if you hear bang bang bang...follow the noise and you can see them making noodles...

    I had #8 yesterday :)

    And the egg waffles in those puffy sort of circles at the entrance of the food court? I used to get them every time we went...there is usually a line up of can smell them as soon as you get upstairs...yummy!

  3. Love this top! You're so lucky, I wish there were cool Mom groups in my area.

  4. my midwife set this group up...
    so we all had at least TWO things in common...little babies and used a midwife!

    My guy is the oldest of the bunch! And I am the only second time I feel a little 'different'