Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some outfits

Fashion blogger I will never be!
A couple these outfits make me happy...but I don't think I nailed it.
Should I hire a stylist? I met a good one...

Fall is much easier...when I can throw on one more layer and booties!!

Update: I haven't worn any of this!!!  I think the patterned jeans and the tshirt with pockets will go into the rotation when it is not so freaking hot outside...same with the chambray with black jeans...those flatform shoes will likely never get worn...I feel like I am going to tip over!  I do dig the grey stripes with the slouchy jeans...maybe I will wear that tomorrow!  

ps. yes my idea of accessorizing is wearing a different coloured sports bra! I find they are the easiest for nursing...I cant wait to go back to real underthings one day!


  1. LIke the outfits AND the presentation - nice way to do it.

    How's the sugar-free life going? Am onto day four and feel much better. I don't think that I was going overboard before but do think I didn't realise the impact of the yo-yo of the sugar high/crash.

  2. I love the tailored blue shirt look .... very nice. I like crisp!

  3. CUTE! love the yellow & sequins navy & white!

  4. Grace @ sense and simplicityJuly 15, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    What a lot of work to take all those photos, but love these kind of photo mosaics for clothes. My favourites are the 6th photo (with the longer black top and black and white legging - I bet it would look good with the yellow pants too) and the last photo. I love chambray shirts!

  5. It's my new normal!
    i am sure some sugar squeeks in...I am doing my very best, and tend to eat fruits & veggies most if the time.

    i definitely have more energy - without caffiene ( caffiene was disrupting the baby so i gave that up almost as soon as i started )

    the best part is i have no desire to eat junk. ok, i suppose the tempura sweet potato roll I had for lunch isnt't exactly eating clean...

    i had a headache last night - i think it was not enough water...three glasses later i felt better

  6. I snapped one photo per outfit. About 6 outfits were it wasn't too bad...putting the clothing away was a drag

    i don't know how to pose to make my things look i guess that means i need a bit more camera time, or a bit less butter!

  7. Oh, those are joe's jeans...patterned jeans...
    yes, they are pasted on...

  8. Love the chambray shirt on you! Shush, you have no thigh. I do think your frame is more balanced when your top hits at hip level or a tad higher. It makes you look long n lean!

  9. hmmm - you are right!
    I am always trying to hide my hips!