Friday, September 21, 2012

New outfit from Copenhagen

Scandinavian women, at least the women I saw biking around Copenhagen, are my style heroes! 

I wish I had the time and the courage to photograph everything I observed...white collared shirts layered under baggie pullovers, rolled skinnies, cute socks, sneakers, knit trousers, high slouchy pony tails.  I was too chicken to take photos of these stylish strangers. Not to mention I was often holding the baby, not a camera...

I did a little shopping while away. These knit grey tweed slouchy tapered pants are gorgeous. This is a silhouette I often saw. A drop crotch? Is that what we call it? Not harem pants*. Thinner than sweat pants. You can even dress them up (I probably won't).  Madewell sold out of these ones - otherwise, I would buy them in a second!

I also came home with a new pair of sneakers.  Everyone was wearing cool sneakers there.  I suppose I could have waited to buy a pair here, but I love that these are from my trip.

The gold shoes were on sale. They fit perfectly and they are comfortable!  I have squeezed a few wears out of them before the weather turned rainy.  I am still a little self conscience conscious (duh!) because lets face it, flip flops are my normal go to...everything else feels like to much 'try'.

*Actually, I did see harem pants on one mum on the playground.  They were the raddest purple and the crotch was dropped to her ankles. She wore them with a pullover, a scarf and a high blond pony


  1. I LOVE those pants! I'm just not sure I could pull them off.

  2. Love the pants :) i have a pair that looks similar and its the comfiest thing ever! Such a cozy and relaxed look. Great outfit :)

  3. sundeep @ designwaliSeptember 25, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    you look so great!