Sunday, September 16, 2012

Packing light

We have been home for two weeks, and I am still thinking about how I could have taken less with us.  Somehow, even after I planned exactly what I wanted to wear each day, I managed to over-pack!!!

If I did it again:
- I wouldn't bring a white t-shirt. We did laundry several times at the apartment we rented, and of course each load was colours.  So I never had the opportunity to wash my white t-shirts. 
- I would have left the blundstone boots at home.  They are bulky, and they gave my little toe a blister.
- My airplane outfit was perfect for traveling, but next time I will wear a top on the plane that I can use during the trip as well.
- I would pack more items of my husband's that I could borrow (like this blue polo)

Are there any tricks to packing light?  For me, having the right coat and wrap was more important than the tops I wore. Otherwise, is it just discipline? Or maybe having really great jeans or something?  What are your secrets?


  1. packing light! here is a skill that I cannot master! :( essentials would be leggings (long and short), black tanks (for laying and by themselves), one cardigan and one jacket like the one you are wearing, and one fancy dress for an adult night out (if it happens), one pair of heels and 2 comfy shoes. BTW where did you get your jacke? I had a very similar one that I bought from Jacobs years ago (loved it) and it got so old that my sister threw it away!

  2. This jacket is JCREW 2010...I am CRAZY about it!

  3. Oh and I don't bother with fancy anything...I know it won't happen!

    Although my husband did get a last minute chance to go to NOMA...the world's best restaurant...he didn't wear this polo ;)

  4. He went to Noma and you didn't? How was it???!!!

    Packing light...If you have access to laundry, you can get away with three t-shirt type items. I find also that I like button down shirts that I can use both for layering or by themselves. And MUJI has some great pull on skirts that I find really comfortable for sightseeing - easy to dress up in the evening too.

    Good point about the white shirt. And black can be tricky laundering properly - can get linty depending upon where you are. Grey is good. Maybe too good for me - I have a LOT of grey!

  5. I am HOPELESS at packing light. I devour any tips I can, and still can't seem to get it right.

  6. I am leaving for a week today. My go-tos will be my dark blue skinny jeans (they go from business casual to cool bar easily!!), gold ballet flats and a scarf for the plane and cool evenings.

  7. I like the idea of borrowing your husbands shirt! Your outfit in the photo looks really cute and relaxing. Where did you get the military jacket from? Looks like the one from aritizia!

  8. Packing is always a challenge. I try to keep a minimal color palette (say all neutrals and one color pop) so all mixes an matches. I did just come across a new blog though that might be a helpful resource for packing (forgive me though, haven't had much time to check it myself):

  9. We just got back from a 5 day trip to Alberta and, as I was unpacking, I realized half the stuff I brought with me was still clean. Oh, overpacking.

    I love the idea of borrowing a piece or two from your husband to make a new outfit. What you're wearing in that shot is super cute!