Monday, September 3, 2012

Travel wardrobe - what to pack

Here is a list of what I am planning to pack for an upcoming trip. The weather will be somewhere in the range of 12 - 17 degrees Celsius, partly sunny, maybe isolated showers.  Pretty much my favorite weather ever : FALL! I love getting dressed in the fall!

My travel wardrobe will revolve around black skinny jeans and black leggins. Only 7 pieces will go into our suitcase.

Black leggings (wear on plane)
Black skinnies

Chambray shirt
Purple plaid button down
White tee
White tank (on plane)
Grey long sleeve high low top (on plane)

Warm layers:
Green army jacket
Grey hoodie
Over-sized Navajo printed wrap (Like a giant blanket - on plane)
Grey chunky knit cowl

Black Blundstones

That's it. That's all I am packing for one whole week with my boys! 


  1. Sandra ( 4, 2012 at 1:06 AM

    Perfect! And thanks for the inspiration - I'm off to TIFF and need to travel light.

    Fall fashion is more fun - the layers add SO much more in the way of outfits.

  2. I really like your choices. I love the mix and match basics.
    Is the Navajo wrap new or a vintage find? Love it!

  3. You are awesome! I do agree, fall dressing is my fav too. I'm a firm believer I look better in more clothes than less!!

  4. Love your travel wardrobe! Especially the Navajo wrap. Fall is definitely my favorite season to dress as well. Enjoy the trip!!

  5. Sounds like fun! Don't forget your blush :)!

  6. I love that wrap...especially when I am wearing the baby...I wrap us both up in it!

  7. Layers are the best!!!

  8. it is new...I bought it on Boxing Day last year...on sale!!!

  9. It's pretty warm in Toronto still...or so it seems!
    Actually it was pretty warm in Copenhagen...

    WHAT?! yup! Already about it soon!

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