Monday, January 21, 2013

7 numbers

Tonight I went to 7 numbers to learn how to cook like Mama Rosa!

Mama Rosa is a star!

This is what I picked up:

Don't be a afraid of olive oil! She uses at least a 1/4 cup in the pan before starting to cook any dish! (Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug....) 'It's good for your skin!' she shouts at the crowd of unbelievers!

Her pasta sauce is easy! Dump some olive oil in the pan, fry up a couple tablespoons of garlic, and 1/2 an onion, then pour in canned Italpasta tomatoes. Cook for 5-6 hours. Cooking over a long time is the key to releasing the flavour! Don't cover the pan, and be sure to stir it once and a while so that it doesn't burn.

Or skip the sauce and go with fresh tomatoes over your pasta. Dump some olive oil in the pan, fry up a couple tablespoons of garlic, add some green onions, fresh chopped tomatoes, and salt. After that concoction simmered for 10 minutes or so, Rosa added in chunks of cauliflower. I'm like, 'how long do you have to cook the sauce for the cauliflower to soften?'...and this is where the whole night paid off for me: "Blanch the cauliflower or rapini, or whatever vegetable, in the pasta water when you boil the pasta."  Ah-ha!


  1. yum!! I am sending this pasta lesson to Chris... and hope that I will be greeted with a tasty plate of pasta when I get home one day!

  2. Question - did they give you the recipe for everything you made that night? or did you have to write everything down? Thanks

  3. Rosa doesnt have any recipes written down! She just tosses stuf in a pan! Its awesome!

    You watch her and take in what you can...its crowded but I stayed near the front and took some notes and asked a lot of questions. She has no secrets, she wants to share it with you...but its not really a 'class'!!!

    Watch the video on her website to get a feel for it- that's exactly how it went down!!!

  4. and there is a LOT of eating! so bring your appetite!!!

  5. that is our older son's favourite restaurant and our to go place in our neighbourhood. He gets special treatment by a free tiramisu! I didn't know they offer cooking classes.

  6. Thanks Shannon - I'm really looking forward to it now!