Friday, March 29, 2013

Toronto Craigslist Scavenger

I want these stools, $15, but where would I put them?

This dresser is plastic? What? $150

If you need a coffee table..this is it! Because swans are the new, $150

I like these! As bedside lamps, right? $250

4 chairs, $100


  1. Oh, oh, OH!!! The stools are a no-brainer. Where could you put them?!?! Like ... anywhere! Your basement? Maybe the foyer? Are they table height?Don't you have a desk space in your kitchen? Great at a kids' craft table. Though while they're young it may be hazardous. How about outside?

    If we weren't embarking on a reno and already paying to store our things, I'd fight you for them. Do they swivel? How about tucked into your basement laundry room? You could sit while reaching into a basket or while looking for Christmas decorations (for example) or I can imagine a child (chest pressed into the cushion) spinning on it while sharing his secrets with you while you work.

    Am I being mellow dramatic? I've already written a mini script for the stools.

  2. You sound exactly like me after an espresso!!!
    I have sooooo many stools in this house! Perhaps my fav pieces of furniture!!

    I hope they find a good home! Because they are super great!!!