Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loving the Gap right now

Gap roped me in this fall. You might say that I'm now loyal to the brand. 

There was a time when I wouldn't walk into the store. I found that, generally, the fit was wide, and the arms and body too short. When I tried on this leather coat*, I expected the arms to hit me above my wrist bone. But the fit was perfect and the leather so soft! Now I need to figure out how to pull it off!!

Tell me, do I have to treat it with all-weather spray? Is it like suede booties - you can only wear it outside on bright fall days with zero chance of rain? Today I tossed it on with my black leather over the knee boots, but I am wondering how much black leather is too much black leather?**

ps. not sponsored or anything...
*I bought the jacket on sale a month ago for a bit less than $200. 
**didn't end up wearing this because it's frickin' freezing outside today

My GAP favorites:
http://www.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=604125023  (I have it in navy and white, I love the grey white combo too)

Want to try (40% off today and tomorrow):



  1. I totally have that coat (well, the one from 2 years ago). It is SO soft.

  2. You are my muse!
    You know, i just choked on some re-fried fried rice thinking "i want to go to a halloween party dressed as janice from life begins at thirty, right". god that would only be funny to me...and soooo funny to me ...who are you? i'm janice...who? from life begins at thirty, right blog? who? you know, janice....she's from the internet...


  3. Absolutely love your outfit!

  4. You look so good! I love the jacket....great choice.

  5. I have the jacket too! Again, from like two yrs. ago and it has a little extra detail on it but basically the same. And it was some amazing steal as well. I heart Gap. I have been living in it this fall. I can't wear it with leather boots.... I think it's too much for me. You are making it work though. You have great style.
    I am only commenting to ask where the button down chambray is from?
    I *need* one.

  6. Yo KB! The shirt is urban outfitters, 2 summers ago...its more of a painters shirt with pockets at the bottom!

  7. Love the moto on you! I have a similar one from Danier. They are fall/spring must-haves and go with everything.