Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basic Tomato Sauce

Wash them, duh
cut out the core and the nib at the bottom
Into the pot, with some olive generous
Put lid on, simmer 15 mins, stir them up every minute or so
The peels are starting to fall off, keep stirring to get the squishy ones to the top, and the solid ones on the bottom
Almost time to take the skins off
Super squishy, lots of liquid. Turn off heat, carefully pour contents into a big bowl! Time to peel them!
Stab them with a fork in the stem end, skins fall away, drop peeled tomato back into the pot
Strain the juice at the bottom of the bowl for skins that got away...pour the rest of the liquid into the pot
Peeled...look at all that liquid! MMmmmm
Simmer on stove top 5 hours or so...the more you have in the pot, the longer you need to let it cook - LID OFF
5 hours later...
The camera was still in the kitchen when I made pasta sauce. I made a triple batch, in order to freeze the leftovers. I followed this recipe.

I stopped using canned tomatoes (thanks to a reader!), so this is how I start my morning when I am making pasta, chili, or stew...

I've tried the whole blanch and peel tomatoes then simmer them, and both times I burnt it. There isn't much liquid going on. Do you add liquid? Less heat? simmer covered? I don't know...this works for me!

What are your sauce secrets???

ps. option to add whole garlic cloves, peeled, to the sauce for the last hour. Or some basil is good too!
pps. No time to take pretty pictures at the dinner hour


  1. Why no cans? BPA? Looks relish. I miss the days when pasta wasn't a bad thing.

  2. BPA dude.
    It tastes amazing this way too

  3. Oops meant 'delish', not 'relish'. BPA ruined my if i have time to soak dried chick peas

  4. Yum! I have to get into this - I still get cans but try to get tomatoes in the glass jar from Eden - your way is so much better though. BTW I love the shot of the water on the tomato at the tap! I DO soak my own beans though!

  5. yum. I am so going to try this.

  6. I don't mind soaking...I have WAY more time on my hands than you though!