Sunday, March 2, 2014

Come consigment store shopping with me...


We stopped by Around the Block today. The boys stayed in the car and attacked baggies of toys I bought them at Value Village, while my husband and I took turns in the store (bribery success!)

If you like the thrifts: Check out what coloured glass is selling for!
If you live in Toronto: Look at the pretty things, maybe they will work for your house! If you need pillows, go now and buy those down filled water colourish grey blue beauties. They are amazing.
If you live outside Toronto: This is what you see second hand in Toronto

I didn't buy anything today, but I have my eye on two things (I didn't include them in this post because I don't want to get scooped...maybe I shouldn't even mention it, but that's a bit paranoid, right? RIGHT?!!)  I want to let them come down in price, easy come, easy go!

Like a dork, let's end this post with a question: have you have been to this store? I only recently heard about it from my sister in law. You want more of these posts?! Speak up!


  1. Heard about them but never been to the store. Like what I see and so many paintings they offer. I need to find a spot in my house for that Palais oil painting and that wide-matted watercolour. I am also saying Yes to more of your scavenger posts please!

  2. i love these posts...even though I don't live in Canada, I love seeing what you can find!

  3. I've only been a few times - STILL kicking myself for not picking up the most amazing tole/flower chandeliers for each of my girl's rooms. But I was on mat leave and the cost was definitely NOT in the budget.

  4. The paintings are original, perhaps not famous masterpieces, but if you love it, you will have a one of a kind...
    Mostly landscapes...

  5. Thanks Emily! I love reading about other bloggers trips to flea markets, or even what they find at Homesense (Although Homesense is pretty much everything we already like and talk about online that is recreated cheap and cheerfully for us to consume! Hey why not!) So I thought this could be fun!

  6. Lighting is one thing I will snap up! I didn't see anything overwhelming on this trip.

    The prices at Around the Block tend to be a snick higher than I am willing to pay. I guess it's about scarcity...If it's vintage, this might be your only shot at it!

    I still prefer to shop rummage sales or Clist or Salvation Army...

  7. Kinda Folk Arty, which I dig. Especially if framed for me!

  8. Hi Shannon...
    I hope you get a chance to come visit Frontier Sales on your next shopping adventure. You can see some of what we have in stock at We have a huge selection of great furniture and it changes daily. Happy Shopping Darlene

  9. Hi Darlene
    I have wanted to visit Frontiers for ages but I am never in that part of town (Danforth, right?)

    Do you get in many paintings, prints, or drawings?

  10. Smitten with the first town scene painting and the post modern crowd photos of yours. Wouldn't those look good together mixed in a gallery wall?

  11. Yah it's a beauty!!!!
    i almost want it because it's so gorgeous, but i dont feel anything for know?