Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three Bedroom Cottage

King Bedroom

queen bedroom

Middle Bedroom

We purchased a cottage! (Probably not a huge announcement since I've hinted on the blog and more than hinted on IG.)

It's about 25 years old and needs work. Over the summer, we will take on a few DIY projects (with my Dad) and in the fall, the contractor who is currently working on our house, will give us a week or so to makeover the kitchen and bathrooms.

I am obsessed with decorating the bedrooms - getting the bedding right. I have a plan for the king and the queen rooms, but the twin room is giving me trouble. I want to use the Carol Grigg prints (purchased last year for $5 each just in case), the Urban Outfitters rag rugs (used to be in the basement), and the Pottery Barn Kids star quilts (recent buy- on sale!). This means COLOUR! It will all come together, I have to up my throw pillow game and somehow turn the room into a 'comfy mess.'

ps. Lots of content coming, I suppose: shopping, building beds, decorating, thrifting, styling, shopping & some renos. 
pps. My living room is buried in bedding - things I want to keep, things that I changed my mind on, and pillows - lots of pillows.


  1. Well congrats to you and your family! What exciting news! I have to say that I'm loving what you put together for the first room! Such a fancy chandy for a cottage!

  2. That room will be very white and simple. We have the nightstands and lamps (sorta like the image) and we are going to make and a platform for the king bed and install the plank wall. Both will get a white wash...Simple!
    Thanks J!!!!

  3. A new cottage and a big home renovation?! Wow. Congrats. I need to win the lottery.

  4. I know- I know! Timing is complete madness...and yes, we are lucky

  5. Yowza Shannon. How exciting. Can not wait to see the pictures of this new place and learn all the details of what it means to own a second home.

  6. Congrats! Could we be neighbours? Mine is at Lake Simcoe. I am yet to do any major renos there and I am waiting to steal your ideas. :)

  7. Thanks Caitlin! I can't wait to share!!!

  8. Steal away!
    The big things have to wait until we have help...but there are a bunch of DIYS I want to tackle!

  9. Yay! Congrats! I must have missed the IG cottage posts in Cavour of your amazing food photos :) love where you're going with this - the colour will hide the sand, leaves, dirt the kids will bring in. Brilliant!