Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Daybeds with Trundles

Last week, we built two daybeds with trundles for the cottage. The beds are styled after Donald Judd's daybed design. Apparently, beds built during the architect's lifetime now go for $100-150,000 at auction! They are the real deal!

I am soo happy with ours. I love the size! We assembled them in the room, and they will never come out.

We started with the trundles, making them a perfect fit for our mattresses. I didn't want any extra space between the mattress and the sides of the box. We followed Ana White's plans, changing the sides to 2x6's from her 2x8's, and 1 1/2" casters (not 2"). It's a perfect fit, not too tight - still easy to change the sheets.

Then we designed the daybed around the trundle, leaving  1/2" on the sides of the trundles to slide them in and out. We used 2x4's for structure (holding up the main bed), and maple veneer core plywood for the walls. The plywood has a good side and a knotty side, which was fine by me!

We bought everything from Home Depot (not sponsored), and had to rent a van to get the backboards home (48" x 71.5"). All the cuts were done at Home Depot.

The total cost, including van rental, but not including the clear coat was $105 for the trundles and $215 for the beds (plus tax). Compare these costs with IKEA Flaxa, $90 for the pull out bed and $149 for the bed frame. We could have done it differently and saved:

Potential Savings, overall: $132
1) We could have used the off cuts from the plywood base as the front face of the trundle bed. Making it all match and saving the cost of two 2x6's. Savings: $17
2) We could have used a cheaper plywood. The cost per board was $55 each, you could get away with the 3/4 inch fir ply ($35-40) if you like a busy grainy look (like the base of the trundle). Savings: $60-$90
3) You could make the height compatible with your SUV. Seriously. Measure your truck first, you could save $25 and some hassles by making them 46" tall instead of 48" tall.
4) If you are in the USA, my numbers probably won't mean much since you can get everything for less!!

ps. There was a version of this bed in last month's Canadian House and Home Magazine and I first saw it in Sofia Coppola's living room
pps. I am not really great with writing a step by step tutorial because I will probably forget steps and you will fail and blame me. Plus my mistakes would live forever online! and my boys are hopping on the back of my here are some photos I took during, in case you want to try it out. Also, you can get ideas from the assembly instructions for the Ikea Flaxa Daybed:
Note: We tacked the 2x4's to the walls with screws. Then we drilled holes and added three carriage bolts along the sides and six bolts at the back. The bolts with nuts are holding it together, these screws helped us get to that point. We also put in a few screws to attach the back to the sides. Everything was glued first.


  1. Fantastic! Very much your style!

  2. Very cool. Amazing actually. With good notes. I can see this having a second life as sofas in a casual living room a la Sofia.

  3. Can't believe you did this yourselves - they look so awesome! May have to steal this idea...

  4. oh, the memories your kids will make here! :)