Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Party Deck

The best part of the cottage is the second floor 'party' deck. It's a giant, about 18x24'

The rails are red.

Yeah, red.

Do you ignore the red (can't change it), or do you work with the red? I am going to work it! Here's the plan:


  • I have two red tea light lanterns (thrifted) that I am going to pull out of the utility room as soon as I finish this post. 
  • We bought a basic teak picnic table last weekend*.  75" long.
  • We need to buy six CB2 Rex chairs or their equivalent. I've been googling for a cheaper version of this super common restaurant chair, but I can't seem to find a Canadian website with a chair that is just as good looking. We could pick them up in the states if the savings were large enough.
  • Then somehow install a 16 foot sun sail from Home Depot. I think we need permission from the condo board to attach the polls. If we can't do a sun sail, we will get one of these.
  • Cushions, red black and beige.
*We talked about a DIY table, but we have several projects to tackle and no skills, so we went retail...



  1. Love the plan! And totally support buying over building. We wanted to build a table for our patio, but figured we didn't have the time or the skills to make one for what we could buy. Sometimes it just makes more sense!

  2. This was probably cheaper to build, I can't kid myself...but we might not get it done until the end of summer or next year. Or we would get a table, but other things would be pushed aside. This baby is teak and should weather to a nice's a nice table, and done! (We had to call on neighbours to help us get it up there! HEAVY)

  3. There's a 15% off coupon on the back of the CB2 flyer in Now Magazine this week! Go find one!

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We picked them up on Sat!
    Ok I will run out now and get one and mission impossible tomorrow is price adjustment! Fingers crossed!

  5. Ok I ran to the corner and got a magazine! CB2 Is closed but I will call in at 11am tomorrow and see...worth the $90+tax

  6. got the price adjustment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you rock Victoria!!!!