Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blue Montauk Sofa

We found this montauk sofa on Clist and exchanged it for some beer. The sofa was beige and dirty. Now it is blue and beautiful!

The pictures kinda say everything, but here's a little more:

-We went over 10-12 different fabric samples of dark blues. We chose a 100% polyester with 50,000 rubs, approximately $39 a yard or meter (I forgot, and didn't write it down, sorry dudes!)
-I wanted smooth, not tweedy. I thought I wanted cotton, but the cotton sample seemed to pick up lint. This poly was super shiny on one side - what you see is the reverse side.
-I expected the couch to be darker navy (it shows a bit brighter in photos than in life).
-The upholsterer is a connection through our contractor. I never met her, and I don't have her details to share (don't have them myself, big secret!!!). She pulled fabrics and my contractor brought them to us (and he delivered the sofa there and back again).
-All in $1900.

We will move the sofa to the cottage after renos.

pps. do you see the lego minifigure costume in the background? Hopefully, we can paint the lego body today or tomorrow and show and tell soon!



  1. Looks SO much better for a great price. Well done. Are you so relieved that turmoil is over and on its way to a nice life in the country?

  2. That looks like the most comfortable couch ever! And I love the colour!

  3. so relieved!
    except, more renos coming...

  4. Oh yah! Most comfy ever! The roll arm is the perfect height to rest your head! room for the little ones to slide up beside good!

  5. woahhhh it looks sooo good!! Love it and it will be so amazing for the cottage. What a great steal.