Why 8footsix?
I started this blog in 2010 to write about our basement renovation. We underpinned the basement, taking the ceiling from 6'4" to 8'6". Eight foot six inches is the height of the finished basement.

What is the paint colour on your walls?
Our main floor and the upstairs were painted the same colour: para paint silver fox P2238-4. We used half strength in the living room, dining room and kitchen, full strength for the rest of the house.  

What is the name of your designer?
When we moved in, we ditched of 99% of our condo furniture, and called a friend of a friend to help us furnish the house. (I was pregnant, and we both worked long hours, so this was the only way things would get done). Maya helped us source most of the major furniture pieces, the art on the main floor, a few of the lights and even the window treatments. We learned a ton about design, furniture and art from her! She also saved us a time, and in the end a little money. She shopped all the stores around the city to find us the best deal, or the perfect piece of furniture.
Maya Carvalho

What contractor did you use to underpin basement?
Bill Wallace, Bravehart Construction

Carlos, Concrete Pro

Kennedy McRae, Earth Inc

Who do you call for DIY help?
Jim Hale, Kerry of first time fancy blog's father (who is a carpenter).

What type of camera do you have?
Canon EOS 5D Mark II