Friday, April 18

Pre-dinner snacks

Tonight we had some friends (and their kids) over for dinner. They emailed to say they were running late - which gave me time to make the before dinner snacks a little more pinteresting.

Golden berries, roasted unsalted almonds, kettle-cooked popcorn and some water with lemon. Light and easy.

ps. the dinner menu: veggie chili, crusty sourdough bread, blackened catfish, blanched then pan fried broccoli, corn on the cob, cheese slices, and oven fries with ketchup...

Thursday, April 17

Bathroom Mood Board

Boys bathroom

The contractor says demolition will start at the end of next week (sure sure)

Unfortunately, we won't be able to move the upstairs bathroom fixtures around (or make that bathroom larger, even though making it larger was what kicked off the reno!*).  The good news is that we will takeover the office closet and turn it into bathroom storage. Tons and tons of storage! Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!

ps. I know this look will work because I pretty much stole Mandy Milk's Bathroom Makeover (Canadian House & Home March 2013). She has square tiles, that sink, dark floors, brass, and black trim.
pps. It feels so good to get this off my back!

*It's a creative plumbing problem. He wont know for sure until he opens everything up. Bottom line, the floor joists are running opposite the plumbing pipes and the kitchen below doesn't have bulkheads, so he would need to get creative to make it work. Not that I mind. I'd rather more bedroom space, now that it's an either or situation!

Tuesday, April 15

Gap Joggers

Have you bought a pair yet?
I picked up a pair last week with a 40% off coupon (the top ones)...great fit!!!!

I really want to get the ones with pockets...I didn't see them or you could be sure I'd have bought them too!

ps. get 35% off Gapcanada until tomorrow 10am with code: GAPGOOD (ends 4/16) 
pps. get 40% off GAPWARM (ends 4/21)

Update: I just bought the bottom pair too! 


I hope I'm not too late to the party.
I did sign up a while ago, but never got into it.

Now I want to use Instagram to post food shots. Let me strut my stuff a bit!

Please please leave me your ID or whatever so I can follow you!

See you over there cats!

ps. my ID: Shannon8foot6
pps. Leftover soup for breakfast.

Underestimated: papers

When we planned the kitchen, I underestimated the volume of paper that comes into the room. Coupons, permission slips, birthday cards, reminders and mail hang around for months.

We have a drawer for mail and ipads and notepads as well as a drawer to file important things, but there is no space for work in progress. Like, I will completely forget to take the kids to the ROM if I don't pass these $5 off coupons once or twice or seventy two times a day.

At first I kept up by clipping things to the fridge, and, to be honest, I still do...but I started shoving them behind the light switch too. It's a mess, I'm a mess. I bought this gadet to help (from ebay) does the job in style. I am excited and mortified by how much more I can shove behind the switches.

ps. I have a blue plastic 8 1/2 x 11 envelop to store all of my son's papers. School, Sports, Bday party invitations are corralled together. I feel like his personal secretary. Right moms? 
pps. I should log dates into my calendar and toss the rest, but I never use my electronic calendar and I like to double check. What if I entered it wrong? 
ppps. The Light Switch Rack is Hot, but Papers Are Not
pppps. Have you read The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen? I am reading it now, and it just hit me that I am doing exactly what Enid does in the opening paragraphs of the novel - squirreling away mail and expired coupons into separate caches all over the house.
"The anxiety of coupons, in a drawer containing candles in designer autumn colors. The coupons were bundled in a rubber band, and Enid was realizing that their expiration dates (often jauntily circled in red by the manufacturer) lay months an even years in the past: that these hundred-odd coupons, whose total face value exceeded sixty dollars (potentially one hundred twenty dollars at the Chiltsville supermarket that doubled coupons), had all gone bad. Tilex, sixty cents off. Excedrin PM, a dollar off. The dates were not even close. The dates were historical." 
"Six days a week several pounds of mail came through the slot in the front door, and since nothing incidental was allowed to pile up downstairs - since the fiction of living in this house was that no one lived here- Enid faced a substantial tactical challenge."

Monday, April 14

From Kijiji


Yesterday, my husband drove to Grimsby (about 1hr 20 mins to get there) for this light fixture.

It's AMAZING! (He's amazing too!!)  It's glass and brass (not acrylic), heavy, and so so beautiful.

We paid C$175.

There is a similar 1960's light, made from Mazzega Murano glass, obviously even classier (and larger) than this one, for $10,500. Can you believe that? 1st dibs kills me. Ours is definitely a clunker, but still so so so pretty...

I think it will look great in the new master over the bed, hanging from the vaulted ceiling.

ps. it feels good to be trolling Clist again! I missed it! And I didn't realize Kijiji is getting big in GTA now too!
pps. here's a photo from the kijiji ad. the light is too heavy to fully assemble just to show n' tell.

ppps. I know I already had a light for the master, but new shit has come to light man....


It's Monday!

Normally I have the house tidy, last night's dishes away, the groceries unpacked, the floors cleaned - shit is locked down by 11am.

Today that's not going to happen... 

Four colds (not funny how fast it spread), a salt gargle with an audience (my older son offered helpful advice, like "drink some lemon water mom, to get rid of the taste" as I gargle-gagged the saltiest water I could handle), doggie got a hair cut (stuffed doggie), playdoh was reanimated and two toddler-paced strolls to the butcher to get the right ingredients for dinner...oh and I washed my hair (trade off, you know, clean hair vs clean house - can't always have both!)

ps. tonight we are having turkey and wild rice soup. I bought a whole chicken cut up (the butcher's idea) and pan seared one half to build today's broth and saved the other half for congee on Wednesday)...also having pasta with artichoke hearts and chickpeas (or something), tomorrow it's asparagus, sweet potato something and turkey breast (enormous breast is sitting in saltiest water IT can handle, along with maple syrup), Wednesday will be congee and Lion's head meatballs...Thursday pork and green beans...and Good Friday we have friends over! 

Tuesday, April 8

Fresh Air

I am freezing right's FREEZING in here... I opened all the windows before I did the school run. I like to change the air every morning. No matter what the season, I open the windows.  Sometimes I over do it. You do this too, right?

New Art: Hagop Khoubesserian

I love this drawing, "The Village" by Hagop Khoubesserian. When I first laid eyes upon it I was mesmerized. Tractor beam, pulled in, mesmerized. It was the trees that did it for me.

I waited 3 1/2 weeks for a price reduction. When I went back, it wasn't there! ...oh no...I spun 360 degrees to take in all four walls - nothing. I wandered to the left to look at a chair, and YES! There it was, tucked into the corner. It had been moved. Hmmm...looks like someone dropped it on the floor, was the frame always falling to pieces? No matter, a couple finishing nails will hold it together...should I ask for help? nah, I can reach...

When I got it home I googled the artist. HK is a Canadian artist, born in 1931, who exhibited works from 1966-1999. I liked the tidbit about his drawings being selected for UNICEF cards in 1968 & 1969. There is also a CBC film of his works to watch if I can find it. I can't see the recent auction results for his drawings, but a painting went for C$1200 at Bonhams.

I paid $234, a little over the cost of the frame for this piece (a couple nails and the frame is as good as new). I waited to pay the lowest ticket price. I mean, no biggies about the value...if it was a high school student's art project I would love it equally. 

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Monday, April 7

...Of Things Past

the colour has to be seen in person...gorgeous teal velvet. The longest sofa ever. It wont last long
Two black consoles that together make up this unit. So simple, so glossy, so perfect.

Paint the frame anything but pink and you have a winner!

We stopped by '...Of Things Past' consignment store yesterday.  I bought a drawing I have been stalking for a few weeks - I will tell you about it tomorrow...first let me show you the gems we didn't buy!