Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Art! Sean Galbraith Photography

We have our new Sean Galbraith photo - it's here and installed!

I love this image! All those crazy lines lead your eye around, and back again. It's in colour, but most of what you see is grey, black or white.

The picture was taken in the Hearn Generating Station, looking straight up, through several floors that have been stripped. That circle on the right is an industrial light.

ps. It reminds me of being inside the borg mother cube. Resistance is futile!


  1. I love the print! And I got a good laugh at that Borg comment lol!!

  2. I like the mini kids' slide. Now that my son is climbing, it may be a good investment. Can I ask you for the details?

  3. It is amazing what a simple little phone camera can do. Love the shots, especially the ( last one..!