Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artbarn School

Shogo Okada - sold!!
Silkscreen, 21 3/4" x 16 3/4", "Lovely Day"
Ian Mackay 
Oil on Canvas, 12"x10", "Coterie I", 2017
Marina Nazarova 
Oil painting on ceramic tile, 6"x6"
Mirena Lopez Corvetto 
Oil on Canvas, 16"x20", "Home"

Sean Galbraith 
Fine Art Photography, 24"x48", framed (without glass) "Farwell-Lightwell, Detroit"

Did I pull you in with new photos of art? I really love all these works and want to own every one!

A few months ago, I joined the board of the Artbarn school. It is a small not-for-profit art school in midtown Toronto (where I've taken a bunch of drawing classes - and I am taking a print class next!). We are having a fundraiser on February 9th called 'Raising Artists' and I wanted to get the word out.

The event is a night for anyone who likes art! We are holding a live auction of a large Ken Kirkby Inukshuk painting. We will be having an art challenge with three painters: Sandra Iafrate, Catherine Shea and Jim Thierry Bravo. You have a chance to win one of their paintings for $5! Plus the evening will mark the end of the online auction (open now!) and winners will take home their new art (or if not in attendance, make arrangements to come in and pick it up)

All of the artwork above are all listed in our auction. Sean Galbraith is the photographer of the large photo in our basement. I have wanted one of Ian Mackay's block paintings since the boys were in a double stroller.* I found Marina Nazarova on etsy and then saw her amazing oil paintings! I was recently introduced to Shogo Okada's artwork and bought two of his prints before Christmas. I met Mirena at the Artbarn - she is also on the fundraising committee. I probably shouldn't highlight her painting because I really really really want to 'buy it now!'

Thank you for giving me a few minutes to plug the Artbarn! If you place a bid, win, or stop by, please let me know!

*My boys are huge now, btw! Ian used to live in my neighborhood, and we were pleasantly surprised to find his booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. That was years ago, when I had both boys with me! Oh and Margot Austin has blogged about Ian Mackay, too!


Update: Shogo Okada's work sold during the first few hours! He will be showing works at the Artist Project in February, and a solo show at Will Kucey Gallery in March!

Update: We have an event website with some interesting tidbits about the artists and art in our auction!

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