Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soundproofing in simple terms, that is, the way we understand it!

After seeking advice on audio forums we figured out how we want to soundproof the ceiling!  Now I have to discuss it with the contractor in simple terms, so he can look me in the eye and justify why he is going to charge us an arm and a leg.  OK lets jump in here, its really not difficult:

Staus quo:
1- one or two layers Roxul (sound and fire insulation) between joists
2- hat channel or resilient channel
3- one layer drywall

What we want:
1- R19 pink insulation between joists (not as dense as Roxul but we aren't relying on the insulation to do the soundproofing)
2 - Acoustic clips
3 - hat channel or resilient channel
4 - double drywall
4a - the option of putting green glue between the 2 layers of drywall.

Why is this better? because sound travels through the solid surfaces. By using the acoustic clips you are inserting a layer (rubber) between solid surfaces (joists & drywall) and the sound gets stuck. Obviously there are more materials involved, so the cost will go up.  The contractor gave us 2 quotes:
  • R19 + hat channel + double drywall =$1660
  • R19 + acoustic clips + hat channel + double drywall + green glue + silent seal caulking= $5485   
That means (you can't fool me):
  • Acoustic clips + green glue + silent seal caulking=$3825

We know the cost of acoustic clips and green glue and its much lower than that. So is it really going to cost ~$4000 more or does he just want to stick to the status quo?   His explanation is that he has to shim the ceiling because it is not level (true). Don't you suppose that he has to shim the ceiling whether he sticks up clips first and then channel, or channel direct to the joist? hmmmm....  

I was a bit resistant to dumping any amount of money into the ceiling at first.  But now I am on a mission.  Still how do you convince your contractor of anything?  I mean he isn't wrong, he just isn't right enough.

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