Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starving to death

We spent all day yesterday and the full morning out of the house (recall: there was a jackhammer in my basement).  It made me realize one thing: I am a grazer.  OK so I know this, because I am constantly snacking. What I didn't realize is how possessed I become when I am not able to reach for another egg white or yogurt.  All I could think about was where to get my next fix.......Should I stop at Guardian drugs and get a cliff bar? I only have 62 cents* in my wallet, can I pay for a snack with my debit card? What is the pin on my debit card again**? There is a pin on my visa, can I use that? Will the baby wake up if we go into the store? Maybe I will get something at the outdoor fruit stand! But do they take interact? Fruit must cost less than 62 cents, no? .......These are the thoughts that went through my head on repeat the whole time we were out walking. When we arrived at our destination I realized, to my horror, there were no snacks and I should have bought a donut at Tim Hortons (but Tim's only takes Mastercard and my MC was at home, and I don't eat donuts that's just the crazy talking - even the jumbo Mars bar advertisement at the last corner store looked delicious). Lucky for me I was able to eat half the baby's banana and a couple spoonfuls of his prunes. Today I meant to pack some snacks-for-mom but nothing we have is portable. (Sure I could have grabbed some hard boiled eggs, its just I find eating them in public a bit embarrassing... I tend to announce to everyone around: "that's not me, I am eating eggs". Maybe next time I should bring hard boiled eggs along and just act like the smell is coming from the big guy.) Today we came back to the house early.

(Full disclosure: I have been eating the whole time I composed this, and thinking about what else might be in the fridge) 

* I'm not poor, I just didnt have any cash on me.  I have been using my spare change for the TTC and lockers at the pool.
**I'm always confusing my debit card pin with my visa card pin.  I'm now at the point where I panic a little bit every time I have to punch in the numbers.

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  1. I have also felt guilty about pulling out a debit card to pay for a bag of chips at a variety store. Someone should invent a generic "Variety Store Snack Card" gift card for those times when you need a quick snack and have no change. Speaking of that, why can't ttc take friggin debit or give me change? I've often just said "screw it" and walked home when I realized I didn't have $3 (Or 2.75..which was even worse)in my pocket. Sure tokens are the answer, but guys don't carry stuff in their pockets. We would rather walk home pissed off. God forid I get on and have a ttc operator ask everyone on the streetcar to help me out..