Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We picked a contractor!

We haven't signed them, or even told them, because my DH asked for 'just one more thing' before he reveals our cards.

Six contractors bid the job. Because we already had permit drawings we figured we could make some kind of apples-to-apples comparison. Wishful thinking. The numbers are all over the place...

So how did we choose?  Here is a quick summary in the order that we met them.

#1 - Was out of the running after we toured a job site.  DH feels a little guilty because we've met with them several times since last summer, I don't feel guilty at all - its business.  Besides, #1 always answered my emails with phone calls and that DRIVES ME CRAZY! I have always had this thing where I hate to talk on the phone.  I do it, I am not some psycho who avoids telephones, in fact I once called all the Walmarts in Alberta to ask if they were converting to Supercenters (For my job, I am really not crazy). Where was I? Oh yes, #1 just didn't cut it.    

#2 - The winner! I will come back to #2

#3 - Expensive! 25% markup! Come on now.

#4 - Expensive! Even the revised quote was way out there.  It was impossible to make the numbers work.

#5 - First meeting was a disaster.

#6 - A solid contender, but he quoted an all in price - no transparency, and no rapport...

The winner had many things going for them.  They came out to see the house last fall when we started this process and stayed in contact with us (via email) the whole time. They presented the quote in person and  promptly sent us revised numbers (always quick to follow-up).  We found the price was reasonable, and they lowered the markup a smidge to show good faith. They seem like honest, hard working people (not that we put ourselves out there as people who can judge who is honest and hard working, but they just seem like the type).  #2 called our engineer to confirm the specs, and then called his engineer to reconfirm what our engineer said. Pretty much went the distance. They want the job and it shows...and they can start right away!

So now we just have to let them know we picked them.

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