Sunday, March 7, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week Two Wrap Up

I went down into the pit for the first time yesterday.  Up until now I have been content to review the pictures DH took.  Its AMAZING!  It feels like you are inside a ballroom! (...a very dirty ballroom with a ghetto blaster in the corner belting out Air Supply, no joke, this is what they listen to and now my brain put "I'm all out of love" on repeat.... "I'm so lost without you...")    

The guys were back yesterday (yes, they worked on a Saturday) to fill in the number 1 sections with grout.  It will take one week each to finish the number 2 and 3 sections.  Mon/Tues they excavate, Wed/Thurs they pour the concrete, a day off on Fri while the concrete hardens, then Sat morning they will do the grout.   Actually, there is a chance they can get the excavation done in one day instead of two, which mean the whole schedule moves up a day.  After the underpinning is complete, it will take 3 days to get the floor ready for radiant heating.  I can hardly believe the dirty part will be behind us in two and a half weeks - incredible!

What else did I learn? Lets see...oh - the steel angles go all the way to the bottom of the new concrete footing...solid, eh?  oh - the hole in the middle of the basement (see previous photo) is where they will pour the footing for the new steel support beam...ummm that's about all for now!

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