Sunday, April 25, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week Nine Wrap Up

Wow! Onto week 10!  According to the original schedule, we were supposed to polish the concrete floors this upcoming week.  The schedule was all thrown off when I decided to go with tinted concrete, and skip polishing.  Of course we weren't given a revised schedule, just a general idea of how things may or may not proceed.  The contractor is still aiming to finish in early we didn't exactly save any time.

So far we were supposed to have the underpin structure complete - YES!
Windows - NO!
Doors - NO!
Boiler & floors - YES!
Electrical rough in - YES!
We also have 95% of the framing complete ahead of schedule...and I think the plumbing is done too.

The electricians were here from Tuesday to Friday.  They found some knob and tube that was missed by the previous contractor. This irritates us to no end.  We were supposed to have our entire house rewired two years ago...and they missed a spot.  L-A-Z-Y...The junction box was in the basement bathroom ceiling, and it contected to an outlet in the living room.  All fixed now (well, not really, disconnected and not working now, but should be fixed eventually.)
We are getting a new panel with 200 amp service (currently have 100 amp service).  It will be located on the exterior wall to the left of the window (vs the interior wall - see above).  Not sure when they will install it but I will lose power in the house for a day.
Not much to see downstairs.  The lights aren't working...and there are wires everywhere.  They are running them through the center beam/bulkhead instead of notching the floor joists...demonstrating that they are not idiots (the previous DIY electricians hacked apart the structure)

I think my stairs will be happening this week...maybe spray foam? Maybe windows.  The stairs and windows need to be installed before the rest of the framing can be finished.  So they must be up next!

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