Sunday, April 11, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week Seven Wrap Up

 The contractor was on vacation this week so progress was a littl slow.
The walls in the utility room were framed in.  None of us know if there is enough clearance for the boiler and hot water tank...Let's hope when the gas guy finally1 shows up to reconnect the boiler, he will tell us its all good.
If the utility room walls are fine, then the bar area is a wopping 5 feet across! Not bad, eh?
They re-framed the walls in the laundry/storage room and we gained 4 1/2 inches (2" on one aside, 2 1/2" on the other side).  The walls are now flush with the plumbing (instead of in front of the drains).
The engineer approved the parging, which allowed the guys to close up the delta.  They inserted another piece along the open seam, and tacked it in place
This upcoming week should be action packed!!!!  From my understanding, they will finish the framing, start the electrical, get the boiler and floors hooked up...we are getting closer and closer to installing pretty things!!!!

1. We were promised he would be here last week.  

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