Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bathroom Tiles

I thought I had made my final selection on tiles a while ago.  It was going to be 18x18 medium grey tile from Ciot. It was the following picture that led me to believe it was possible to continue the floor right into the shower (I mean if they can do it, why can't we?)
Well we can't.

Enter 2x2 tiles from Olympia Tile1.  I thought we could do the slate...then this morning I took another look...do you see how far apart those tiles are set?  Thickest-grout-lines-EVER!

So back to porcelain.  This is my 4th choice...my FOURTH favorite....lets recap: 1) Dying for penny tiles (shut down), 2) Large grey is nice (shut down) 3) Slate - dirt magnet grout lines 4) Porcelain...

If anyone has pictures of bathrooms that use 2x2 square tiles on the floors, I would love to know.  I really dig the whole boys-schoolhouse-gym-locker-room feel (vs spa)...as long as it at least feels like a euro boys schoolhouse.

1. picture taken on our slate countertop

Update: I have now learned that they can take slate tiles, cut them down, and put them on mesh, so you can have any slate tiles you want, with whatever thickness of grout line you want....too late!   I have also learned that unglazed porcelain shows water marks like cray- no mater what you do...oh well...


  1. Hi. This suggestion may be too late for you, but I just discovered your blog and thought I'd pass this along. When we renovated our house, we had the same issue. We wanted to continue the larger scale tiles from our bathroom floor into the walk in shower, but we were worried about sloping for drainage as well as slipping and killing ourselves on the wet slippery floor. We tried really hard to find tiles on a sheet but matching with the floor was very difficult. Stone Tile has a special million dollar machine that cuts tiles precisely. We bought large scale tiles there, and then we used then uncut for the main floor, but then paid to have cut down for the shower stall. That way, our tile installer could lay down individual tiles and create thin grout lines in the shower. Stone Tile charges per cut. I can't remember what the extra cost was, but it was well worth it. We didn't go with 2 X 2 floor tiles. We went with 4 X 4, and it worked out file. Two things we learned that you should also know 1) if you are going to use different tiles up on the wall than you have on the floor, you want to make sure that the grout lines for the tiles on the wall will line up nicely with the tiles on the floor. You would think that 2 four inch tiles would line up nicely with 1 8 inch tile, but that doesn't always work that way because tiles are not made to a mathematically precise standard and different manufacturers had a different idea of an 8 inch tile; 2) because your shower floor slopes down for drainage (a must) the tiles on the wall will also have to be angled downs slightly at the bottom and you will have to think about that for installation. The pictures in magazines are never that close up so I don't know how over people deal with these issues. Good luck!

  2. Wow thanks! I hadn't thought about cutting the tile down. Its funny because we cut the foyer marble into subway tile for the powder room (The foyer floor extends into powder room)...I was just obsessed with having one tile throughout. We did 2x2 grey tile across the whole floor. Looks like a locker room! So far I LOVE IT!!!!

    I can see how it would be a problem if the grout lines don't line up. I will speak to the tile guy this week when he comes to do the wall tiles.

    I can't wait until the 4x8 white tiles go up on the walls!

    Great tips!