Saturday, April 17, 2010

My favorite rummage sale didnt dissapoint!

I snuck out of the house for a few hours this morning and walked1 down to the Deer Park Church Rummage Sale.  I used to live around the corner from this church and would never miss the bi-annual sale.  Here is what I picked up today2 (for less than $20):
My favorite is the little bird saucer ($1)...I will put him on my nightstand so he can greet me (tweet me) every morning!

I am also loving the aluminum tray($4).  I have a circular one with roses on it (from goodwill) that comes in handy when carrying flaming birthday cakes. 
The yellow tin makes me happy ($0.25)

I am sure I'll find the perfect spot for these little ginger jars (2 for $5), perhaps in the foyer (with pretty pink flowers?)

1  I walked through a light hail storm to get there, but I didn't mind because I was soo excited!  

2 I also bought 2 ikea stools (collapsible/fabric) for $2 each (red stripes) that were kinda bulky.  Then on the way home I decided to stop at a garage sale in forest hill (its forest hill, after all).  Who carries 2 bags of stuff and 2 stools TO a garage sale? I do...retarded.  I couldn't walk away without buying the biggest toy I could find (a red little tikes racecar/motorcycle thing for only $5, hardly weighs anything) and 10 or more kids books ($8).  I must have been a pretty sight walking down old forest hill road with my haul.  

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  1. I too get super excited about rummage sales or garage sales! You found so many things, I love them all...the bird dish is too cute and the blue and white ginger jars are awesome, I totally see them filled with pretty pink flowers :)