Sunday, April 4, 2010

Neat freak ... Closet slob

After over a year I finally got around to polishing the brass on our master bedroom lamps.  It was just one of those jobs I never got around to.  So satisfying!

I am a neat person, I really really am...I enjoy keeping this place clean and organized.  Still I have two dreadfully sloppy habits.  Maybe public admission to these 'problems' is my first step on the path to recovery.  Here goes nothing... 

I hate hanging stuff up....I only hang up my coat in the closet once a week! (It is tossed on the banister the rest of the time).  Upstairs in our room, clothes end up on every surface before I put them all away en masse.  Its not complete chaos, I tend to wear the same things over and over, so most of my clothing is sitting tidily in my closet...or immediately tossed into the wash when dirty.  I just wish I could find it in myself to be a little more O.C.D. about it. Instead, my solution was I put a ottoman in my closet to hold the pile. Oh BTW, I totally fold/hang up/put away everything fresh out of the laundry - because leaving it in the basket drives me crazy.
I am incapable of keeping any drawer clean. My kitchen drawer is a jumbled up tangle of pens, paper, envelopes, business cards, clips, tape, camera, agenda, yoga DVD? and a ruler.  I tidy it up from time to time, but somehow it always turns back into chaos.  This isnt the only drawer where this happens.  Peek in my nightstand, dresser, or desk and its the same thing.

It makes me wonder if all neat freaks harbor secret messes. Like maybe you insist on colour coordinating the clothes in your closet but let the leftovers pile up in the fridge? Or you have neatly labeled boxes of supplies in your desk drawer, and a layer of dust on the bookshelves?  Please tell I am not the only neat freak who is a 'closet slob'.

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