Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nothing new...except 2 pairs of shoes!

We went out in search of party supplies for the big guy's 1st birthday....and came home with shoes for mommy!  I am not sure how that happened?  (and check out my new pony stool)
The leather is soooo soft1

1. I HATE breaking in new shoes...I wear my old shoes until there are holes in the soles and they are literally falling apart.  Last fall, I tossed my ridonkulously old and tattered Roxy flip flops.  They were so old it was embarrassing. (Actually, I forget if I threw them away...I have no recollection at all of tossing them out, although I remember thinking I should, but I've searched high and low and they are gone - the shame, I would have worn them today).  So I needed new everyday flip flops, and picked up some navy havaianas...and then I saw these black studded booties that want to be flip flops (or flip flops that want to be booties)....they don't rub or chafe my skin AT ALL.  This never happens!!!! So I bought them without hesitation.   They are my new best friends!