Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to the 21st century...

Yes, its new1, its lavender, and its all mine!

1. I used to have one of the original blackberries from work (vintage!), it hardly held a charge, the track thing on the side was wonky, the PING didn't work, and the face plate was falling off, but it still did its job so I really didn't care too much.  Besides, that old RIM and I had been through quite a bit together! Once, in a fit a rage, I tried to drown it....yes, its true, I stood in the bathroom and filled up the sink with water and I dumped the cursed thing in ...hoping that would be the end of our tumultuous relationship (I know it would be funnier if I dropped it in the toilet, but that's not how it really happened).  A few hours later, I heard it beep.  I thought - OK, now its dead (actually it was just shutting down because the battery died)...when I finally retrieved it I felt more than a little guilty (childish & foolish too), so I took it apart and let it air dry.  When I turned it on, the crazy old bird started buzzing and moving across the table, and after an extremely long reboot, it was as good as new (ummm, except the vibrate mode stopped working).  I continued to use it for at least 18 months after that without subjecting it to any unnecessary violence.


  1. I *just* got a Blackberry yesterday, not as lovely in lavender as yours, but I feel like I just joined the rest of the world. ;)

  2. Watch out! You will become addicted! Download some games for while you are b/feeding.