Saturday, May 22, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week 13 Wrap Up

Here's a reveal of our dark concrete floors. 

They aren't quite finished...the concrete guy is going to seal them. (He was supposed to be here today, but didn't show up?).

He is also going to sand the seam (where the two batches of concrete meet) with 100 grit paper.  Down on his hands and knees.  I started to sand it and felt it made quite a difference where the concrete looks a bit sloppy/splashy.  it removes some of the sheen from the power trowel though.  Exposes the tiniest aggregate particles.

And here is the new door.  Its not finished.  They have to trim it up, put a box under the aluminum plate at the bottom, etc...but it looks fantastic!  I didn't pick it.  The contractor didn't even give me an option.  He just did it.  Its much better than the old door:

That's all they did this week.  The new window was the wrong size, so its being re-ordered.

Apparently we are still on schedule.  That gives those boys 13 days to finish everything.  Possible?

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