Monday, May 10, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week 11 Wrap Up

Week 11 brought out the worst in us.  We are pretty tired of the renovation.

This is what the basement looks like with drywall...picture perfect, no?  WHAT A MESS!

So I think this is all that's remaining:
2-new window
4-tape & sand drywall
7-install lighting
8-clean and seal the floor

Oy! So much still...its like the project is just beginning.

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  1. aww man..contractor stress. I hear ya. good luck with it.

  2. I just found your blog, and am enjoying going through it.

    We have 8.5 foot ceilings in our first floor and the drywall contractors used a 4' wide piece and a 4.5' wide piece for each section. They were very good and did everything they could to avoid extra seams ... I think more to reduce taping labour than to make me happy.

    I have had the smoking issue with contractors too ... it's tough to deal with. We are just planning/starting our basement project, so it is interested to read about your adventures in underpinning ... we have not decided yet whether to do that (or a bench) or survive with a low ceiling.