Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bentwood chair in the nursery

I found a home for one of the chairs.
It looks perfect.

My whole house is painted the same colour, by the way, I am one of THOSE people. That's Jim Datz' Manhattan poster from Three Potato Four.  I had it shipped to Buffalo when they were offering free shipping.  I made the pictures in the smaller ribba frame. Its just some hoaky houses and trees done with stamps I carved out of potatoes and a bit of acrylic paint  (mixing the paint to get colours I liked took longer than stamp-stamp-stamp...It still could use a do-over).  There is one print on each side of the window.  Stacked on the chair are some of his ultra cozy blankets that my mom made.  You can buy them from her etsy shop (if you are in Toronto, I could meet you somewhere and save you the shipping).  We love these...he gets his chubby fingers looped into the holes and pulls the blanket up near his face to sleep...  When he was younger, they were great to use in the stroller to keep him nice and warm.  I have several because he barfs alot. He probably doesn't barf any more than other babies, I have no way of comparing...but still its GROSS


  1. So beautiful - can't wait to see more pics!

    What colour is it, by the way?

  2. Thanks J! The walls are an older para paint colour - silver fox. Its grey, but blue, but grey, now blue...when we first painted the house the blue was a HUGE SURPRISE to me...I hated it...but now its one of my favorite things! (Still, the basement will be white, and I will test it out first.)

  3. Shannon I love this little nook part of the room!! This picture looks straight out of House & Home!!

  4. Great idea about putting the poster over the matt. I'll try that. Yours looks great!

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