Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come home to momma!

I just saw the table of my dreams on Craigslist.  Ok, I might be exaggerating a teensy bit...I don't think I have ever actually seen this table in my dreams (I don't often dream about tables), but finding it is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Ummm...ok another slight exaggeration.  How about we go with: This table will definitely turn our house into a destination for beautiful urban hipsters looking to frolic outdoors by candlelight over some delicious wine, great toasts and an "easy prep charcuterie menu"1.  Luckily I already have some tea light holders... 

My heart is racing!!!2

I was doing my regular craigslist search, less enthusiatic than normal because its been a dry spell....when I saw this beauty. (I am intentionally not showing the photo or the link because I am paranoid it could jeopardize my chances!)  Ok so as soon as I saw it, I fired off an email and asked "do the leg come off the top? do you deliver?" ...Yah I said: "leg", "not legs"  and I added "nice photos" (dork)...then I jumped out of my dark sage green parsons chair (its not a bad colour, and comfy for computer work) and raced downstairs into the kitchen where my DH was eating the vietamese food we ordered earlier for dinner (the baby likes the vermicelli noodles inside the cold rolls, I suppose I could make him some vermicelli, but I like the cold rolls too!) ...Once downstairs, with measuring tape in hand (I grabbed it off the shelf en route), I demonstrated to my DH how great the table was...and asked: "how the hell can we get it home????".  DH had a solution (He's THE BEST).  So after some jumpy happy claps I fired off a second email to the seller (from the kitchen computer this time) and said "I am very interested.  I will arrange transportation."

I am now waiting for the seller's response.

It was listed at 8:01....I responded at 8:15...the follow up was sent at 8:18...I will click send on this blog at 9:00...

1. What is an easy-prep charcuterie menu?  I read that in the last issue of C H&H....yes this is the ONLY magazine I read...well, I do occasionally pick up Life & Style if there is something about how celebrities lost their baby weight...I wonder if they do it on a diet of wine and easy prep charcuterie? 
2. By the time I have finished typing this post my heart is no longer racing. booo

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