Monday, May 3, 2010

Imma be rockin' that basement

Since the very first time I read a design blog1 (it was isuwannee, she still writes one of my favorite mutha mutha blogs), I have absorbed billions, make that trillions, of images of fabulous interiors.

I love to get lost in design blogs for inspiration, motivation, and to discover fly new things. 

I've been burning around the clock, trying to take my own design to the next level. Imma not sure its working.

Instead of doin my thing, Imma having design doubts...
I have to remember that my goal is not to rock the whole globe...I need to simplify, better said, I need to: "get a little crazy, get a little stoopid, get a little crazy, get a little stoopid"
Imma going to stop bumpen in your parking lot, and start living life, feeling free, that's how its supposed to be.
 1. Rocking like this is their job

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