Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toronto Craigslist Scavenger *with updates

Oh little coffee tables, I saw one of you on Craigslist a few weeks ago.  I considered, considered, and rejected you...I didn't even put you on my blog...but now that I see you made it onto the Dwell Studio Blog, I am questioning my decision.  Perhaps I am a fame whore, attracted to your new status.  Oh why I didn't run out and harvest you that very same day!  Now you are gone (I think, if you find it there still, let me know!)
(It was the brassy/gold colour, that thick brassy colour that looks painted on, that made me hesitate...I guess I could have asked for more photos)

Lesson learned!  DON'T HESITATE!  Even if its a piece of glass sitting on top of some gilded wheat.

UPDATE: Oh you are still there! (I spelled sheaf wrong)  But you are $450 dollars....ummm still a pass.  mmmk?

Update 2: $450 is a decent price for a vintage coffee table...but not for a SECOND vintage coffee table!!!!!!!!!
Update 3: What I really mean to say is, we paid a lot more for a vintage coffee table from a shop in Leslieville (not just ANY vintage coffee table, its some danish designer, but still, you don't see my coffee table on the Dwell Blog) $450 isn't bad...but this is offer 1/2 and go from there....this is exactly what I would be doing but I absolutely adore my coffee table (its buried right now due to construction chaos, but here is an internet pic)

ok...glad I got ALLL of that off my chest.

May 20th: I see the table has been sold! Good! Because I just found this gorgeous image on Adventures of renovating a brooklyn limestone and I was tempted all over again!!

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