Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 days to go!

The painting went QUICKLY!  One guy + sprayer and the job is half done.  The ceiling is finished.  I think the walls in the storage room are done, unless it needs one more coat.  Its grey...no white...no grey...its definitely grey-ish-white or white-ish-grey. I LOVE IT TO PIECES!  The photos don't do it justice...its a dull cool white.
They did a bunch of wood working details around the new old interior glass door (making it look seemless and simple is a lot of work, especially when the walls are not true).

They also installed shelves in the bathroom niche.  I wanted the shelves to be evenly spaced.   Since its a tall niche, I like having tall spaces between the shelves better than 1 million small shelves.  They made them out of pine and they are permanently adhered to the wall with glue and nails.  They will be painted out white.
The wood arrived for my staircase screen.  700 linear feet of 1x2 pine.  WOW!
Tomorrow they finish painting. They make the barn door and hang it. They start the screen.

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