Thursday, June 3, 2010

Projector niche under the window

My DH is the best guy in the world for many many reasons...from a purely home-styles point of view: he loves shopping (more than I do in fact); he will drive anywhere in the gta, on any given evening, to buy me whatever gramma chair I happen to fall in love with on Craigslist; he appreciates a room that is well put together; he understands the "high" in a high-low scheme; he carries out full due-diligence on all major purchases.  All this comes with a price, however.  That price is: ELECTRONIC GADGETS.

In order to accommodate some of his new toys, we had to build this shelf/niche under one of the basement windows.

It juts out about 8-10 inches and has scary corners, so I wanted a way to neutralize it.  My options were to 1) shave down the corners (ugg); 2) make the shelf rounded (ugg); 3) incorporate it into builtins (gigantic electrical panel in the way and wall changes thickness just before stairs so not going to happen) 

Yesterday I figured it out! Why not build two more floating boxes (all are the exact same size)...and make the niche look like its supposed to be there?

Done and done...

p.s check out the new baseboards! They have been busy this week!

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