Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving a bunch of things around the house!

We had four ikea bookshelves upstairs full of books, DVDs, CDs, board games, and misc. Two of the shelves were in the office, two were in the guest bedroom (on the wall to the left of the guest room bed, always just out of view when I took a photo)...

I attacked the shelves today...took them apart, and moved them downstairs piece by piece (my DH helped move the long sides this evening), here is where they stand:
The CDs and DVDs are on the ledge...
The books are stacked in the office...
Removing the bookshelves from the office left me some room to play.  I moved the desk from its previous spot in front of the windows, and slid it into the corner...Why? Because our next door neighbor's new window looks pretty much straight into ours.  Besides, it let me push the leather chair into the corner between the windows, creating a cozy reading nook.
The sewing machine needed SOMEWHERE to go in this it is getting cozy next to the desk.

The guest room is opened up again and ready to accept the wardrobe (once I clean the wardrobe...I still haven't addressed the smells...its just 'airing out'...I haven't even sniffed it lately to see if its improved...)

You can see my two Craigslist chairs are waiting to become part of a vignette next to the  new armoire.  Patience my pretties.  I also began to round up all the misceallaneous unhung picture frames and stacked them in the corner of the guest bedroom...

Sorry I didn't take pictures this morning...these rooms looked very different...but I snapped some photos now because we will be making improvements to the office, and to the guest room in the upcoming days and weeks... These two rooms definitely need a lot of work...

Update: Ahhh...I am feeling too cluttered today...maybe the sewing machine needs to be stashed in the  storage room...


  1. Ahhh you finally changed the light bulbs! Nice!!

    I am in awe over the number of cds and dvds and books you guys have - amazing!!

    Only you could make them look like decor :-)

  2. SO organized and pretty!! Love it!! xoxo

  3. Things are looking great! I can't believe you feel cluttered! AHH! You would not be allowed to set foot in my house. We're still so disorganized from the major work of the basement reno - we seriously need to tackle the laundry room / office so we can start putting all of my stuff away. It kind of looks like a bomb went off in our home... your house on the other hand, looks absolutely serene... as usual!

  4. Where did you find the rug in your bedroom? It's absolutely gorgeous!

  5. The color palette in your guest bedroom is perfectly put together. Love it!

  6. Hi Autumn! The rug in the guest room is from IKEA...(sorry it took so long to reply)

    I ended up giving away the vintage type-writer to help cut down some clutter...(you will notice it is gone in my office update) weighed 6.98734 million lbs and took up too much space for a decoration!

  7. Where did you find the rug in your bedroom? It's absolutely gorgeous!