Thursday, September 9, 2010

Painting the black desk white


I loved the glossy black, I really, really did...but I just wasn't feelin' it in the office I painted the desk white, and now I love how the room seems to have opened up...

I used Para paint whitehall white...its pretty dang white!

Next up:
- drawers with new drawer pulls
- rug (I haven't stumbled upon one I like yet...I've only been shopping online...)
- desk chair
- lamp
- I want to spray paint the ceiling fan (some candy colour, undecided at the moment), but I think I probably should take it down to do that, and, well, that's a bit too much effort - I would rather drop sheet the entire room

In case you're wondering, I am relinquishing that amazing bar cart because it was just too cramped in here...I thought I could find a place for that bronze beauty, since I truly do LOVE it...*sigh* at least it's going to a good home, where its awesomeness can be fully appreciated! (Trust me when I say that I wheeled it into every single room in the house and I just can't put it to good use...not even in the basement)