Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Some books for me...($2.49 each)...

I love these guide books, even if they are older copies...somethings (always day dreaming about travel) don't ever change! 

The animal print ($6.99) was done by Muriel De Crayencour, A Belgium illustrator...it was printed in France and must have visited the Big Apple Art Gallery on Second Ave at some point (sticker on the back), and was framed by Framer.com (another sticker)...I wonder what its full story is?  I will tape it up and spray paint the frame...the frame has seen better days (unfortunately, it probably took all of its hits sitting at goodwill)

I also picked up this little painted box (quite worn in) for $1.99 and a few kiddie books (99 cents each)

Update: framer.com has some pretty adorable posters for kids rooms...in case you are looking for a splash of colour on the walls...http://www.art.com/gallery/id--b24412/childrens-animals-posters_p3.htm?ui=243D13DC51E041958F24C843C25D87D1

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