Monday, September 6, 2010

We're back!

We set off to New York City for three nights...a whirlwind trip!  moma, top of the rock, central park, high line, chelsea mkt, toyrus @ times square, central station, fao schwartz.  We've been to NYC a handful of times before, so tried to pick activities that would be fun in some way for the big boy. 

ps. we flew porter (took ttc to the royal york, and used porter shuttle service to get to billy bishop...we hired a car with a carseat to and from Newark...)


  1. Great photo and sounds like your really packed in so much fun!

  2. Are you going to show us some photos? Or maybe some tips for travelling NYC with a little one. I would love to go again but wonder what it would be like with a 20 month old?!