Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the marion house book

 Come visit me over at the marion house book!!!!! (NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS...ooooh la la!) ....I've been out collecting a few more vintage treasures ...I can't wait to share them with you!  Price discipline kicked in today when I almost bought an iron/steel/silver pheasant at an outdoor flea market (he was approximately 8 inches long from beak to tail - tres jolie!)...even though I bargained the seller down to half his opening price, I figured I must have seemed like an easy mark...he consented WAY TOO I tried to get another 5 off, but no I really need a heavy metal pheasant for over $20 ??...*sigh*...I PROBABLY DO...oh well, I bought 3 tin plates (old SHELL collectors plates) with old cars on them...two are an identical pattern, but I got a deal by scooping them all up (OK so I didn't realize at the time that two were the same, they were about $2 each)

I may have to go back to that market tomorrow morning...


  1. We're new to Toronto and still trying to search out the flea markets - where are you going to find all these treasures?!?

  2. Hi Bre! It was a Paris Flea Market...I have never been to a Toronto version...but I am addicted to Goodwill here in I don't feel like I am missing out!

    ps...we went back, but the bird had flown the coop - that vender wasn't there the next day...oh well!