Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am thankful for...VALUE VILLAGE!!!  Value village is SO.MUCH.FUN!  Clean, organized! I picked up four bags of pure joy for the little one!! We are taking a trip soon, and any mom will tell you that a new toy buys you 5-10 minutes of I picked up two bags of new cars and trucks for $1.99 each!  I will stuff my pockets and purse full of surprises and pull them out in emergency situations...(It wouldn't surprise me if this is the definition of SPOILED...but $1.99, and it works!)
I think I may have filled my quota of milk glass vases...I mean a collection is one thing, but I have nine bigs and ten smalls...I don't know what to do with them...nor do I have a place to put them...crazy, right? (Hey, I just noticed that two of these are identical...)
Oh and one more hammered aluminum tray


  1. That's it! I need to go to your VV!! Such great finds!

  2. HI Shannon - saw this photo on a tour at design*sponge and thought of you and your white accessories: I am also addicted to Value Village, and I think the hubby is quite happy that I have no time to peruse now that I am back at work!