Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shopping and Puttering

We went to IKEA to fetch a few things...

We also bought a plant and some supplies from Home Depot.

Do you putter around the house as much as I do?  Because I seriously putter, putter, putter...I could spend all day puttering...

1. New IKEA Alvine Rand Rug- we need a large rug just for the winter...we like to keep the marble safe, and give family lots of room to remove their boots and here to see the summer rug
2. New IKEA Trampa Mat, sliced horizontally with exacto knife & trimmed down in order to fit beneath the rad (to keep snowy boots toasty warm)
3. New IKEA Gubbskar mats (already full of lint!)
4. Moved the rug from the foyer back into the bedroom...
5. Home Depot plant and planter...


  1. Love the carpet :) it is also on my list. Too bad we need to drive to MTL for it

  2. Hello there. Seems like we are on the same path. I found you via Knight Moves. I am so excited to see another Goodwilll Hunter. I wiped my dont mind me as I browse around your blog!

  3. don't you just love hot water rads at this time of year?! we always have warm dry boots and mitts too.
    weren't you supposed to go to the design blogger night last night?? I was looking for you - would have LOVED to have met! hopefully we will have another opportunity...

  4. I was at IKEA this afternoon and I saw that rug and loved it! It looks great in your foyer.
    I got a few things too - will post pics when the light is better (aka - not dark!)
    As for the puttering - I feel like a master. I go from one thing to the next and before I know it, I'm exhausted and the day is gone! Love to putter! :)

  5. I love the new rug in the front entryway! It looks fab!