Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fever

After one day off, I found myself back at Goodwill to see what I could pick up for half price!

Green pyrex canisters! All three for $3.50 (50pct off!) - will I use them? that the point?


  1. Your diligent dedication to Goodwill is very impressive. Great finds as always! I walked by GoodWill last night but couldn't stop as I was going to pick up my cat from the vet. It didn't seem right to go shopping along the way.....

  2. Hi, Which Goodwill do you visit? the one that I go to has close to nothing interesting...or is it just me! I am looking for vintage looking trays.

  3. I stopped by my local Goodwill today too and didn't find a single thing! Boohoo.

    Looks like you had MUCH better luck! Love the milk glass.

  4. Hi Shannon, hope all is going well. Miss your posts :)

  5. I've been internet-less for the past few days! Its good to be back!

  6. Oh Hi Shadi!
    I go to St.Clair and Bathurst...I have also been to the GOodwill on Dufferin I think - it had good stuff! and value village once and a while...I think you just need to go often and you will get lucky!

    Sorry to hear you didn't find anything Lindsay! I am a bit of a hoarder it seems (Ok - this is not true - I dump stuff annually at our garage sale too! Not the stuff I buy at Goodwill...but other stuff that I have grown out of, or just grown tired of)