Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Major score!

Earlier today, I picked up the following goodies from Goodwill and Salvation Army ...

The loop dish in the background is from Salvation Army...the dish in the foreground is the Eva Zeisel/Crate&Barrel century sauce boat (which we haven't ever used for sauce because I prefer to pour sauce rather than spoon it)....the one reminded me of the other...although its probably from an FTP flower arrangement or something!

This little $1.49 pepper shaker needed to come home with me...he also needs a bit of polishing

it has a mark on its tail - SP you know what this means?  Silver plate??
AND CRAZY DAISY PYREX BOWLS!  Great condition!  They just came out of the back room!  (I got pretty excited when I saw these guys - lemmi tell you!)


  1. Those dishes are adorable - great find! I need to take you shopping you are a good luck charm!

  2. wow, love your finds. I wish I was as good at house stuff shopping as I am at clothes shopping... I always heritate to buy little knick knacks for the house, so all my shelves are pretty empty. Your finds always inspire me to look at little goodies more closely next time.

  3. As always, great finds!

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  4. What a sweet little bird. Great finds Shannon!
    p.s. My parents have a stack of those same green pyrex bowl. They've been put to good use over the past 30 years...

  5. Ack - so jealous. We registered for the CB dish for our wedding and only got the matching platter. And the pyrex too. I want. BTW - you inspired me to check out our local goodwill yesterday and it was all fugly trash. How does yours stock so well. I neeeeed to know.

  6. love the bird! I think the SP does stand for silver plate. Love those bowls know I share your love for pyrex!

  7. I want MOOOOOORE Pyrex...its the main reason I go to goodwill at all...the rest is bonus!

    Hi NK! Its funny because I am not a person that is big on clutter...most of my treasures are squirreled away in cupboards(because I hate dusting)...still - since its from a thrift store, if I hesitate, it could be gone I buy and see where it will end up...

    Thanks everyboday! If I ever have a garage sale, you will be the first to know!!!!!

  8. I love all your finds!! Excellent once again!!