Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One day only sale - At the BAY

I called the Bay today to check in on the Christmas Tree ornaments I wanted.  I bought a few at 30% off, and I was hoping to add to my collection at a greater discount.  Lucky me! Today all Christmas decorations were 60% off! One day only...

Since my tree is already put together, I strung the ornaments on my chandelier.  I know, not the most original placement...but I like it!  Claudia (the woman in the charcoal drawing) likes them too! (Next year they will go on the tree....since they are sooo neutral, and sort of blend into the tree, I feel like I need A LOT of them...ok, lets face it - even if they were NEON I would feel like I need a lot of them!)

I used white ribbon because it was already on the dining room table (my wrapping station- you can see I washed the table just before taking the was covered with bits of ribbon and wrapping paper)...

The ribbon is driving me psycho - I think I need to switch it to some invisible white string...

ps. I didn't snap photos of the ornaments at the store...but the mercury glass, clear glass, gold, red, silver, teal, purple,white ceramic ornaments were all GORGEOUS! By Gluckstein; regular price $2.99 -$4.99 - RUN TO THE BAY TONIGHT!  (They aren't paying me to say this)

pss...I know what you are thinking: 'why would she put green bulbs on a green tree?' ...because I LOVE that they sparkle and shine but they aren't the 'star attraction', you know?  I LOVE THEM...(my favorite orbs with the etched stars were sold out at Yonge and Bloor.) 


  1. What a creative and elegant way to hang Christmas ornaments!

  2. Those ornaments are freaken' gorgeous! They remind me of vintage coloured know the kind with the heavy base and the soft, transparent hue that makes any boring drinking glass a piece of art? That kind. LOVE THEM! And I love how you dressed up your chandelier.

    Happy Holidays

    *Tania @

  3. they look so fun and whimsical!!