Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still trying to style the kitchen desk

I sat down at the computer this morning, as I do every morning...and today, while I vigorously shook the mouse to get things started, I felt overwhelmed with the urge to tidy up our workspace.


Somehow symmetry, candy hearts, and a small snipping of greenery make all the (very necessary) gadgets less offensive!

We are lucky to have a massive desk in the kitchen...perhaps you could help me see it through new eyes? How would you use this space*?  More plants? Basket for newspapers on the floor?  I wish ..oh how I wish, that the stubby shelves continued all the way across to the window (but you have heard me say this before!**)

*TV/Computer has to stay there...monitor is mounted on the wall...we have toyed with the idea of putting rogers box under the counter but that will make it accessible to the mats are in front of the desk because this is where he plays with his trucks (and the hardwood was taking a beating every time he dropped a toy)...
**What a trip down memory lane!  This is why I love to blog!


  1. Cinnamon hearts make every day a little brighter, don't they?

  2. YOu have such a lovely kitchen...hmmm ideas? trays, twigs & bowls maybe? check out this H&H blog post:

  3. oops... i meant this link:

  4. i would start by removing those foam mats -- they're recently been banned in Europe for emitting noxious substances. No moves yet in North America to do the same.

    On a merrier note... I rather enjoy more greenery ie/ potted herbs, and for kicks -- the chia pet!